1:17 p.m. | Jan. 15, 2015

Last night was so unexpected. I remember being so shocked to see you, I actually woke up from my dream. I was grinning, and I flew back to sleep on sweet winged memories of you, hoping you would still be there, and (un)luckily for me, there you were.

We hid together. Found one another. Didn't make out, or kiss, or even hold hands. We just needed to be near one another. Your sweet face, those eyes, that cheeky smile & for one night, I was whole again. Funny, I didn't even know I wasn't whole until I saw you, and once again, that old familiar feeling of a piece of me sliding back into place filled me and gave me a feeling of completeness. A completeness that only happens when you are near.

Did you dream of me, too?

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